I grew up in a household that wasn’t “touchy”. Though we kissed (on the cheek of) (parents, relatives, friends of parents), we didn’t hug each other. Or cuddled, or snuggled, or tickled. I never knew what I was missing until I had a boyfriend (yes, now I can admit it, as I am an adult! HAHA!). It was nice holding hands, snuggling, hugging with someone. My husband’s family was just like mine — non-touchy. So when we had kids, we both decided that we wanted OUR own family to be one with lots of hugs, snuggles, cuddles and kisses. Read More →

support localIn social sciences, we studied a point in history when the Philippines was colonised by the Spaniards, then by the Americans and then by the Japanese. We also learned about puppet governments and how our leaders would always have a first world country whispering behind their back what to do politically.

There was a time as well when I thought that everything imported was better than locally made. So from shoes to clothes, to shampoo and soap! to canned goods, nearly everything I used was imported. (Even toothpaste!!! Aminin nyo, you had that Aquafresh toothpaste that was standing up!)  Read More →

sleepOne thing I learned early on in doing business is that sales is inevitably part of it. No sale, no business, no profits. Another learning I had is that it is way easier to sell something you believe in.  While I am definitely not your typical “I can sell ice to eskimos” salesperson (well, in fact, I’m far from it), I certainly think that because I sell things I believe in, I am able to convince people to buy as well. Read More →


I saw this on my Facebook feed sometime in March, and I knew I had to attend!  I’ve been attempting to cook but was never too confident (wonder why…. hahahaha!).

Last Saturday I finally set out on my very first “formal” cooking class. I enrolled in the “Absolute Beginners Moms” class of 25 Mushrooms Kitchen. They are known for teach household helpers different cuisines and the basics of cooking. But I guess many moms have requested for classes hence they came up with this.

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I realise that as I grow older, I have learned different methods of coping with things that come my way.  Today, I list them below:

  • Prayer

Truth to tell, I feel that this should be the first way to go.  A lot of us put it in the end — when we are desperate already.   I don’t know about you, but I felt that there was a point when I “forgot” how to pray.  I find that this helps me a lot:  Examen. Read More →


Having spent so many Valentine’s Days together, you’d think he’d run out of ideas, right?  This year, he rang me while I was having lunch with some girlfriends and asked me if I’d be interested to overnight for the weekend.  (Yep, it’s still something we’ve never done!  Overnight during a VDay weekend!  LOL!!!!)

Having been so stressed with different events of late, I had only one answer:  YES!

Apparently, S found a “good deal” on Trip Advisor — one of those deals that they give to you at a really good price that you have to use immediately.  The venue was a fairly new (boutique?) hotel in Pasay City called The Henry Hotel.

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open for biz

Our kids get a weekly allowance over and above the food their bring to school.

Boy #1 prefers to eat his lunch, and save all his money.  He spends on some things, sometimes, but only when he really, really, REALLY wants to.

Boy #2 brings lunch sometimes, buys lunch sometimes.  We deduct PhP100 from his allowance weekly because he really wanted a commemorative watch which he will be paying for until 2016.

Meanwhile, because of his modest allowance, he hardly gets to save for his personal expenses (read:  TOYS!).   Read More →


As we begin 2015, I look back and realise that I have so many things to be grateful to have learned this year, like —

  1. How important eyebrows are (and how to fix mine).  Apparently, eyebrows are.SO.important!  If you don’t understand (or picture) what I mean, check out this SITE.
  2. How retail therapy is TRULY a kind of therapy.  ’nuff said.
  3. How important personal development is — whether you’re learning how to put makeup, how to cook or how to become a #BetterMe.
  4. That openness begins with humility.  I can’t remember when I started practicing ashtanga yoga, but I remember thinking how humbling this form of yoga is when I first started.  And it reminds me to be so every time I practice ashtanga.  This year has nothing been short of great for my practice, and I am so happy it’s helped me even off the mat.
  5. Taking trips alone (or with a girlfriend or two) is good for the soul (and sanity).  This year’s trip to Momo Beach House proved that.  Am taking a trip again with some of my highschool friends soon, I can’t wait!
  6. That planning a homecoming is like planning a debut, wedding and first birthday party of your child all rolled into one (which is why it is important that the core group work really well with each other)!  But then, I also learned that homecomings are actually FUN!!!  I was telling some of my high school friends that what was most comforting was that most of us were the same as we were all those years ago — minus the angst!  It was our We had a BLAST!  Here was our closing number:

  7.  That even at this point in my life, I was able to find friends who are diamonds in the rough.  You know who you are.  I’m thankful for all of you.
  8. How to put myself first — and I don’t mean this in a selfish way.  I mean this in the same way the flight attendants tell you to put on the oxygen mask on yourself first before the child you are travelling with.
  9. That going on dates is important — dates with your husband and dates with your kids, separately.  It allows them
  10. That yoga can truly change your life.

So many lessons learned, so many more to come.  Bring it on, 2015, I’m ready. :) 10897128_10152509055971615_4768518265439962813_n